Calendar Raffle

Winners will be updated every few days!

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March 1st: $100 Cash. Donated by: O’Brien Insurance = Sara Demski

March 2nd: Mobile Massage – 1 hr massage. Donated by: Donna Silliman = Chad Lancewicz

March 3rd: Buffalo Cutting Board. Handcrafted by: Rick Coppola = Beth Christie

March 4th: Dollar General $50 Gift Certificate. Donated by: Ken Flasza = Diana Izydorczak

March 5th: Machias Outdoor $50 Gift Certificate. = Gordy Soderholm

March 6th: Southtowns Tire Gift Certificate. = Amy Conrad

March 7th: Holland Willows $50 Gift Certificate. = Celeste Carroll

March 8th: Rise ‘n’ Swine Farm $50 Gift Certificate. = Mike Wahl

March 9th: Last Run & Tavern $50 Gift Certificate. = Mary Birmingham

March 10th: Rose Forestry $50 Gift Certificate. = Bruce Cozad

March 11th: The Valley Restaurant $50 Gift Certificate. = Jane Kirchmeyer

March 12th: Essentially Well Oiled Chocolates $50 Gift Certificate. = Mike Adams

March 13th: Soft Sided Cooler with Wine. = Kelly Manning

March 14th: Holland Willows $50 Gift Certificate. = Debi Lutz

March 15th: Rosser’s Ridge Maple & More: Maple Basket. = Brian Tavenier

March 16th: Face cord of hardwood, split, delivered. Donated by: Mike Kasprzyk. = Jane Bramer

March 17th: Rose Forestry $50 Gift Certificate. = Dave W.

March 18th: Rt. 16 Wine & Liquor $40 Gift Certificate AND Buffalo Bills knit hat Handcrafted by: Mary Kay Zientek. = Lori Kasprzyk

March 19th: Essentially Well Oiled Chocolates $50 Gift Certificate. = Leon Hatzipetros

March 20th: Soft Sided Cooler with Wine. = Christina Dietz

March 21st: Kless Boys $25 Gift Certificate AND Sammy’s Car Wash: Car Wash Passes. = Amy Calmes

March 22nd: Rosser’s Ridge Maple & More: Maple Basket. = Denise Brinton

March 23rd: Holland Hardware $30 Gift Certificate AND Wandering Goose $30 Gift Certificate. = Bill Adsitt

March 24th: Upstate Auto: Oil Change AND Bee Spit Meadery: Bottle of Mead. = Danielle Wagner

March 25th: Crosby’s $50 Gift Certificate Donated by: Marcia Hazlett = Deborah Williams

March 26th: McDonald’s $100 Gift Certificate. = Ian Wienclawski

March 27th: Holland Hotel $50 Gift Certificate. = Tonia Williams

March 28th: 49 Coffee House & Market $25 Gift Certificate AND Holland Pharmacy $25 Gift Certificate. = Cheryl Patterson

March 29th: Decorative Table Handcrafted by: Matt Bailey and John Ehrenreich. = Becky Bartels

March 30th: Handmade Wall Gun Safe Donated by: Mike McFadden. = Rose Matthewson

March 31st: Butcher Dave’s $150 Gift Certificate. = Brad Adkisson